"PriMedia has offered unique and innovative approaches to our media and marketing plan which have helped RE/MAX reach our target audience more cost efficiently than ever before. I would highly recommend PriMedia Inc. to any organization interested in saving money on their media schedules while simultaneously increasing their exposure."
Michael Albertson - Director of Communications

"The staff at PriMedia are unsurpassed in excellence and media knowledge. They understand the market and they have come to know their customers needs. I feel that Town Fair Tire could not have experienced the rapid growth that we have seen over the past several years without their help."

James Uliano - Vice President of Marketing

"As a result of the increased exposure and added value our 41 stores have received through our relationship with PriMedia, we have been able to double our group advertising budget and are looking forward to future increases."

Nelson Niles, Co-op Advertising Group

"PriMedia Inc. has done an outstanding job on our account. In fact, they have saved us approximately 30% while buying the exact same media schedules and they also delivered thousands of free spots which our in-house agency never provided."

Ben Finneran - Director of Marketing

"We received much more advertising coverage than we could have without PriMedia's expertise. For example, our budget covered three radio spots per day, while PriMedia was able to acquire eleven spots per day, for the same amount of money. We were also very pleased to receive jointly with PriMedia, two first-place prizes at the New England Direct Marketing Association's annual awards for creative excellence and results."

Luisa Paiewonsky - Director Transportation and Development Programs

"PriMedia consistently adds extra value by negotiating rock-bottom TV, radio and print buys, typically at up to 30 percent savings. PriMedia has developed several major marketing campaigns for New England Electric involving direct mail, product catalogs, in-store promotional materials, television, radio and print advertising that have produced outstanding customer response. I have found PriMedia's services and personnel to be exceptional and without equal.

Christine Baratta - Advertising Coordinator

"PriMedia's ability to listen to the needs of the campaign and meet the terms of both creative development and media buying made them stand out among their competitors. ... It is with great confidence, that I am able to recommend PriMedia."

Cyndi Zesk - Marketing Director

"Never would we have believed, that radio advertising for a $5,500 high-technology product, would become Xerox's sole lead generation program. Xerox Management is especially pleased with PriMedia's ability to purchase top ten radio markets at a considerable savings and their commitment to adding value as an advertising partner. The cost per lead for our programs has never been lower and the sales conversion has never been higher.
Brenda Stone - Manager of Marketing Operations

As Western Region Marketing Director for Blimpie International, I have had the pleasure of working closely with PriMedia for the past three years.

I have found them to be responsive and effective. They flown, driven, and ridden trains to get to last minute meetings, have joined in on conference calls on a moment's notice, put together media plans on tight deadlines, and generally went beyond the call of duty in their service to Blimpie.

PriMedia consistently over-delivered on target GRP's, reach and frequency on every buy they made for us and routinely negotiated 20 to 30% savings off station and publication rates. Cost per point (CPP) plus another 20 to 30% in value added exposure on every buy they made for us in numerous markets nationwide.

I wholeheartedly recommend PriMedia to any company seeking marketing and media expertise, and that is interested in increasing their business.

Greg Zearfoss - Western Region Marketing Director