KEEL Vodka is the bold representation of an idea whose time has come. In a world that seemingly has far too much of everything, KEEL is a distilled spirit crafted to embody the notion that less is more. A spirit that speaks not only to the sea, but to the mountains, the trails, the sidewalks and cafes.

The founders of KEEL, Bill Dessel and Tom McGowan, are native Rhode Islanders who grew up by the ocean, in and around boats. Prior to setting sail with KEEL, Dessel and McGowan decided to add a first mate to their crew – someone with New England sensibilities, a solid reputation, an appreciation for fitness and business credibility. So, Dessel invited his good friend Matt Light, former New England Patriot, three-time Super Bowl Champion and three-time Pro Bowler to partner on KEEL. While the ownership trio enjoys all pursuits that keep one active and fit, they agreed that there was a need for a vodka for those who pursue the good life – and realize that balance is the key to achieving it. KEEL was born out of friendship – and a love of the sea and life. It is NOT the creation of some high-priced marketing team on the 52nd floor of a skyscraper.

KEEL is the first vodka produced to capture the ideals of those drawn to the sea, the sand, the dock and the deck. KEEL knows that the best party follows the hardest work, and that the bonus isn’t really the bonus. KEEL is for those of us who want to “STAY BALANCED”.

We have made this spirit….with yours in mind. Enjoy!

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